Thursday, November 22, 2012

Year 2 Mathematics

Mami had started introducing Year 2 syllabus with me at home. I have covered 3 chapters of Science and 2 chapters of Mathematics. I am a little worried. I realised that Year 2 Mathematics has 13 chapters, introducing many new topics which I am totally unfamiliar with. For a start, I am trying to memorise my multiplication. Otherwise, I can't go to the next chapter of division.

I hope I'll be able to learn as much as possible before school reopen.


Clll said...

HI, its been a while since. I am still looking for a math enrichment class for my eldest. SO far she is already following english reading, art class, and musikgarten. She has been to math monkey and seem like it but there is no such centre around our area, onlu kumon, enopi and UCMAS. Still figuring out and in the mean time how to juggle with 3 children soon!

Ben and Shaun said...

Hi, hope all is well with you. I had sent Ben for enopi when he was 6 years old. Stopped when he started Primary One. I guess all maths enrichment classes would have their respective advantages. However, I prefer not to send my kids to enrichment centres because there is not much time when they start school. I prefer reserving the available time for activities like music and sports. Ben learns two musical instrument, piano and electone, badminton twice a week and mandarin once a week. I hope to start his swimming lessons next year. You can give your kids daily maths exercises. I believe it should do.