Monday, November 12, 2012

5-Minute Marvel Stories

I skipped the last day of school, while Shaun attending his preschool end-of-year party. Mami and I went shopping and bought this book for my younger brother, Shaun. It is called "5-Minute Marvel Stories". We chose this because Shaun Shaun is a Superhero Squad fan. We bought this at Kinokuniya, KLCC.

We normally read before going to bed. Over the past few nights, Mami has been encouraging Shaun Shaun to read the stories together. However, he gave an excuse that it was too difficult for him. Mami was disappointed because she knew that Shaun would be able to read this book.

Instead, I told Mami that I would love to read the book. I have been reading this book over the past few nights. I love the stories. 

What did Shaun Shaun read eventually? A very easy-to-read book.

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