Thursday, October 04, 2012

I love school

Two days ago, I came back from school and thanked Mami for sending me to my current school. Mami asked why and I told her that I love my school very much.

I love going to school everyday. There is always something which I would look forward to. I told Mami why.....

Monday = I love going for assemblies. There would always be something interesting that the headmistress would announce.

Tuesday = I love PE time. We get to play games, netball and other new and interesting activities. There is also the Chapel service. I love to sing. So, I enjoy the praise and worship time the most.

Wednesday = There is Science taught by my favourite teacher. Sometimes, we get to go and learn some dance moves during lunch time. This is an additional activity where attendance is not compulsory. But I love joining the group to dance (although I am one of the minority of boys :( ). Previously, there would be weekly prayer time conducted by a teacher. We sit together to pray.

Thursday = There is art and computer classes. I love art and craft, don't you?

Friday = PE time again.

More importantly, I love my friends in school. Everyone is nice and friendly. Even the older students too. I have friends in other standards...all the way to Standard Six. The school is small, and it makes it easier for us to mix.

I thank God that Dadi and Mami chose this school for me. Mami told me that my Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah helped to convince Dadi to enrol me in this school.

God is good. He has always been good and faithful in my life.


LittleLamb said...

Its a good sign that he loves school. I remember myself...I dread to go to school. I really hated it. I want my kid to enjoy school in the future too. Learning should be fun and not stressful or chasing the A marks.

Leona said...

Sounds like an excellent school. With chapel and prayer time too. Is Ben in a Kebangsaan school? Sori,mind my ignorance... :)

Ben and Shaun said...

It is a private school.

Health Freak Mommy said...

You are so so lucky Ben! Is your school fees very expensive?

Ben and Shaun said...

About RM7k a year

Unknown said...

Hi mummy,
May I know which school is it?

Ben and Shaun said...

Hi. I do not wish to put the name here. Can you email me at