Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Independent

Mami says that every child should learn how to be independent. I am still learning, but I am progressing well.

My little brother attends music lessons at Yamaha Music Centre every Tuesday nights. Mami would accompany him throughout his lessons. During those times, I would normally need to do "something" and go to bed early on my own. What do I normally do?

In most weeks, Mami would have marked some pages in my revision books to complete. I would have to turn to the pages marked as "H/W" and will complete them. Mami would check and mark the revision books on the next day. Once I have completed them, it would normally be time for me to prepare for bedtime. I would ensure that the lights are switched off by 8p.m.

In some weeks, I would take my music book to practice. Sometimes there is theory homework to complete. Once I have completed them, it's bedtime as usual. Normally Mami would not check my theory work. I am not sure why. It is either she is really poor in her theory previously, or she trust that I would know how to do them.

I am able to do many things on my own. However, I still would need to be reminded to do them. I am generally quite playful at home. A little playtime is a must for me. Otherwise I would complain that I have not had the time to play and this would lead to an extension of additional 15 minutes of my bedtime.


Irene said...

Wow, you are sooo independent, i likey!! How I wish my kids were like you. Vic is your age, but needs to have someone to stay with her before she sleeps, don't know if it's a girl thing that she's more needy than the boys. But little brother William is also needy during bedtime, as he is used to having mommy read stories to him and he'd like to hold mommy's hair to sleep (at times).

Ben and Shaun said...

Aunty Irene, my little brother, Shaun also needs Mami to read stories and tug him to bed. Shaun is William's age. I guess it is normal. I was the same when I was younger.

Leona said...

Wow Ben, I am still amazed how u can go to bed by 8 pm. Such good training. Some more can go to bed by yourself.