Thursday, November 02, 2006


Mummy was showing me photographs of so many people. Mummy said that they are part of my family, and are the ones who love me very much. Now that I know how to call "Ah Mah", Mah Mah, "Da Dee", "Ma Mee" and "Ti Ti", I am pressured to learn so many more. There are others like "Yeh Yeh", "Ah Ku", "Ah Kim", "Ku Ku", "Ku Cheong", "Ko Ko", "Chie Chie"... See what I mean? Don't you agree it's not an easy task?

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Ben Ben said...

Yeh!!! I managed to call "Key"... Just realised that Ah Kim (Aunty Cheryl) sounds like "Key". I knew this word ages ago. Everytime when i want the key to go out through the door, i'll say "Key, Key". I call "Key" for that brown animal too (Monkey).

Hai yah... So easy. I should have said this earlier to "Key" to make her proud of me.