Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ang-Goo, Ang-Goo . . . . .

Something is terribly wrong with Ma-Mi lately. She has been trying to carry me like a baby (lying down) and tickling my chin saying "Ang-Goo, Ang-Goo". She says that she misses me when i was a baby. She keeps smelling me and asking me "Why no baby smell one?" Then, she'll put all sorts of funny lotion on me to make me smell like a baby.

To my dearest Ma-Mi,
Ben Ben is not a baby anymore. I am a big boy. I've grown up!! Here are photos to prove it.

Do you think Ma-Mi will understand??

Photo 1:
Day 1 of being a baby. Still in the hospital

Photo 2:
Learning to crawl. Step 1 from baby graduation. I know i'm still a baby, but much bigger than a baby now.

Photo 3:
Walking already. See Ma-Mi. Walking independently already.

Don't you agree I'm already a big boy?


Alvin said...

benji boy,

your ma mi very very funny wan lor she. Faster ask her to give birth to another boy lar so you can play with him and so your ma mi also can smell baby smell lor...teehehe..


aunty sukim said...


You all grow up too fast la!!!!!!!