Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tunnels and Barrels

Mummy took me to this place with lots of aunties and children yesterday. They sang, they bounced, but worst of all, they loved entering into this long dark drain...... it looked so dark and scary. Mummy was trying to persuade me to enter, but no way am I entering. What if I get trapped in there?? Who's going to help me?? So I refused to enter any of these places.

But horrors, daddy and mummy brought one of these tunnels home and have been pushing, pulling, forcing and generally trying to entice, pursuade me to crawl through one of them . . . *sigh* army training meh????

Took Benjamin for his first class at Gymboree, he didn't take too kindly to crawling through any of the tunnels ~Mummy

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Jin Yang said...

Don't worry...first time always like that. A bit overwhelming for you eh..I also understand.. I sure the same one if I go!