Monday, February 06, 2006

Ma Ma Ma Mum Mum

OK so mummy's Kong-Xi . . . Kong-Xi lesson didn't work . . . . Ha Ha Ha . . . but I have some new words to share with you all . . . its ma ma ma mum mum . . . very useful when I want food. Mummy and Kakak says I very "manja" ever since I came back from Ipoh, probably influenced by cousin Joel. Daddy is not very happy though, he says I only know how to call ma ma and not pa pa. Don't worry daddy, let me get the hang of ma ma mum mum first then I will start on the pa pa pa pla-y sta-tion 2 . . .

Ben Ben's first words ma ma ma mum mum, was reportedly first heard on 20 January 2006 ~daddy~

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