Sunday, January 01, 2006

Me no baby no more!!

How ironic. This morning, mummy said to me that she misses the time when I was still a lil' baby. So, she didn't allow me to sit or crawl. Everytime i tried to get up, she would push me down and say "Baby, You must lie down. Baby doesn't know how to sit up". When i took my stacking cups to bite, mummy would take it away and say "Baby, Baby doesn't know how to hold a cup. Ben Ben good baby. Lie down ok? Let mummy carry you and sayang you"

Sigh.....What is wrong with mummy. Me no baby no more!! Oh...and mummy spoke to me with a funny language. It sounds like "ang-goo ang-goo". What is mummy trying to do to me?

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Jin Yang said...

yes! My mama also say the same thing. She says, it's so nice that I can't get up and terrorise the house yet. She's so happy just carrying and sayang-ing me. But I can't wait to get up and play with my big koko!