Monday, March 09, 2015

Recycling! Recycling! Recycling!

I love to collect things which Mami disposes and reuse them to make something. I know that Mami doesn't like the idea because she tells me that most of the items I made were not useful, and they ended up in the bin anyway. I can make the silliest thing, but still find it nice. My Shaun Shaun TiTi calls me a rubbish collector. He too tells me it is a waste of time. However, I am still motivated to continue. Perhaps one day I will be able to make something useful.

My latest "invention" which I found useful was my home slippers. Mami challenged me to wear it at home to see if it was really "useful". I wore it but didn't feel comfortable with it. So, I guess I failed. Or perhaps I will one day redesign it to make it more comfortable, when I can get suitable materials to add padding to my slippers.

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Chloe is just the same...likes to keep cardboards, empty boxes, plastic containers for recycling, mainly to make useless crafts. Sometimes I quietly throw away these "rubbish" when she doesn't keep them properly :p

We are fine and doing well in China...just that blogging has become a tedious chore because Blogger is blocked here. Haven't been blog hopping for quite a while now....