Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Muar Family

It has been very long since our family had travelled to Muar to meet up with Mami's relatives. Mami has uncle and aunties in Muar from the paternal side. Ah Mah has her brother and sisters there too. However, some of her sisters stay in Johor Bahru.

We went to Muar on 10th January. It was also the date of my Lao Cik's birthday. He is my late-grandpa's younger brother. Though it was just a weekend trip, it was still fun to visit Muar for a change.

Eating was the number one thing to do. My uncle would bring us to places with good food and good coffee for Dadi. I also gathered that Muar-ians love spicy food. Everything that my uncle ordered were extra spicy. Of cource, mine wasn't. Muar is also famous for the otak-otak sticks, which I refused to try. Dadi and Mami ate quite a fair bit, as my Lao Cik would always open the otak-otak sticks for them.

It was a pleasant trip for me. I loved Lao Cik's birthday dinner. Lao Cik booked a room in a restaurant, invited all his sisters and us for dinner. They had a karaoke set in the room, of which Dadi and I dominated the microphone. First experience for me. I loved it.

It wasn't our birthday.
My Ah Yee bought another chocolate cake for us
because we were unable to eat cheesecake.

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