Thursday, April 18, 2013

Naive within a group of girls

I work very well within girls. In fact, most of my good friends are girls. I like to hang out with them too. I dislike rough and tough boys.

Recently, there was a small group work assigned by my science teacher. Coincidently, all my group members were girls. We were supposed to bring pictures of seeds dispersed by water, wind, animals etc. A group member of mine was assigned as a group leader.

My group leader requested me to bring all the pictures. She said that because I was the only boy within the group, it makes me special. Because I was special, I should bring all the pictures. The other two group members agreed and praised me that I was very special. I was delighted to hear that I was special, so, I agreed. 

Mami helped me to print the pictures and I brought them to school the next day. My group members were very happy with the pictures. I was happy that I contributed well.

Mami could only laugh at how naive I was within the group of girls. For the record, they are all very nice girls. They just have a way to win my heart.

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