Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come check out my food prices

Remember i mentioned that i needed to sell food so that i can save money to go to a private school? I was thinking the whole night and i finally came out with a price list. I called Mah Mah today after school to share it with her. Mami told me that i have to always discuss this with my business partners. I don't quite understand why but i did just that. I told Mah Mah that we should sell rice at two dollars and six cents, noodles at four dollars and eight cents and choc cake at six dollars and ten cents. Mah Mah said that we can't sell at that price because there is no more one cent gold coins. So i need to think again.

Mah Mah gave me a new food menu like jelly, sandwiches and some drinks like apple juice, carrot and milk, apple with carrot,ribena, orange juice and lemonade. Now i need to prepare my stall. I wonder when Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh are coming.

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