Friday, August 04, 2006

Pressured......and Desperate

I'm trying...I'm trying..... Look how hard i've tried.

Mummy has been asking me to call her "Mummy" or "Mi Mi", but I just can't. I can call "Ah Mah" (my favourite), "Di Di" (daddy), "Sheee" (Kakak Sri), "Ti Ti" (Tobin Ti Ti), "Yeeee" (My aunty - 'Law Yee') BUT I just can't call "Mi Mi". I just don't know how to call "Mi Mi". It's so hard.

Can somebody please teach me? I don't want to disappoint my Mi Mi.


m.o.t.t. said...

Don't worry Mummy!!! It'll come soon. Worth the wait!!

Mummy said...

Ben Ben can even call "Ni..Ni" (which means Barney).

Sigh....When will he be able to call "Mi...Mi"?