Sunday, December 18, 2005

Toys Galore

Hmmmm, I have been getting lots of new toys lately, mummy says its Christmas . . . But daddy have been scolding mummy, he says Christmas only happens next week and why is mummy opening all my presents. *Terrible* daddy, can play play mah

Anyway, check out my new toys, mummy got me lots of cups in different sizes, she says it's for nesting and stacking . . . errr what is that? Daddy and Mummy seem to always want to put the cups one on top of the other and I always knock them down . . . don't they know cups are for eating?

Ah, another thing, meet my new bath friend, he floats, he squeks and he is yellow with blue eyes...say hello to Mr. Yellow Duckie. Can get lonely in my bathtub sometimes, now I have a friend to bath with... yehhhh

1 comment:

aunty sukim said...

rubber're the one..
rubber much fun..
oh..rubber ducky, you're the one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

song by ernie in sesame street.

hv fun lil ben ben..xmas is the best time!!!!!!!!!!!! don't forget to give your mummy, daddy, popo, kongkong and ah ma a big hug and kiss as a thank you ya!