Monday, November 21, 2005

Jumping Ben Ben

I gave daddy a shock today, he...he...

As usual, I was sleeping on my super duper single matress on the floor. This Daddy & mummy ah always so paranoid that I will fall off the bed. They surround me with lots & lots of pillows and bolsters, plus there is even a bed rail!!! Wah so secure hor... but...

Well this morning, I woke up and decided to try a new "stunt". I pushed myself up against the pillows and I started to jump and hop and jump and hop . . . and before I knew it . . . I was over the bed rail . . . Hooray!!! I am free...Ha...Ha...Ha

Unfortunately, daddy came into the room, just as I was making my great escape and he caught me before I could land on the quilt (which was on the floor). How sad..... My escape foiled.

-Daddy- Benji gave me a shock early this morning when I went into his room to check out the noises he was making. He had managed to "jump" over the bed rail i.e. consisting of two bolsters and a pillow piled on top of each other supported by a safety 1st bed rail . . . We have an Olympic high jumper gold medallist in the making.

1 comment:

Jin Yang said...

you must teach me this trick...but then again, everytime i lie on my bed..i zzzzzz off.... If I can only stay awake long enough to do that....... ha ha