Sunday, October 23, 2005

Baby Da-di-ca-tion

Hello, world . . . at least the world on the web. This is not my idea to get a blog. It's more of daddy's idea. What can you say? I am only almost 6 months old. Daddy is obviously influenced by mummy's friend who has 2 blogs for her two babies. So, here i am, pressured to blog *SIGH* stress . . ., today is a special day. Mummy kept on telling me that it is baby-dadi-ca-tion day. All I know is that mummy has been singing to me the whole week a very nice song. She will also tell me "When you hear this song, you cannot cry-ah, ok? Must be good boy-ah, cannot cry-ah, ok?"

I think the song goes like this....

Lord, we dedicate
Yes, we consecrate
This child unto You
For Your purposes
For Your perfect plan
For all the things
You'll have him do
Lord we give back to You
This child You've given us
For he belongs to You
His just a loan of love
A gift from above
And we give him back to You

I'm not sure why daddy and mummy sing about giving me to someone.
Why-ah? That someone must be very special.

Today was Benjamin's baby dedication day.

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